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Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur aims at providing liberal education and inculcating sound moral, social and religious values in its Students. Students are offered opportunities to pursue their academic. Co-curricula-and extra-curricular activities both in an organized as well as independent manner Guidance and counselling of members of the staff is always available to enable the Students to develop their talents. Occasional deviations are bound to occur and rules are formulated to take notice of them and to avoid recurrence. At times, surgical operations will also be needed in the larger interest of the School, community and country and provision must be made for that. All Students and their parents/ guardians are requested to abide by the rules given below so that the School can achieve its objectives.


1. The School rules are to be understood and complied with by all concerned.
2. These are applicable to all students on the School rolls.
3. The School accepts no liability regarding any accident, injury, casualty or loss in respect of any student on way to and from School as well as at the School Campus.
4 The decision of the Principal is final in all matters pertaining to discipline and will not be challenged in any court of law


A Following lapses are punishable with warning and/ or fine:

1 Neglecting home work
2 Missing/ coming late to class/ prep
3 Late for School functions/ duties
4 Disturbing other Students during prep
5 Lending or borrowing exercise books for copying home work
6 Eating/ drinking/ chewing gum in class

B Following misdemeanours are punishable with warning/extra drill and/ or fine:

1 Improper turn-out
2 Untidiness of the area allotted to him
3 Using threatening or abusive language
4 Failing to obey a lawful order of an appointment holder
5 Non-observance of lighting hours
6 Unauthorized stay in the House during working hours
7 Playing radio set or tape-recorder in the School! House
8 Entering " out of bounds " places
9 Malingering or feigning sickness
10 Late/ absent from extra drill
11 Late/ improperly dressed in dining hall/ prep room

C Following violations will be punishable with warning, fine and/ or withdrawal of privileges ( i.e. leave, film shows. excursions, recreation room, etc.).

1 Receiving any person without prior permission of the Housemaster/ Assistant Housemaster/ House Superintendent
2 Overstaying vacations/ breaks/ leave
3 Disorderly behaviour
4 Poor performance in House Examination
5 Keeping heaters, irons, immersion rods and Mobile telephones in the Houses
6 Visiting another House without permission of the Housemaster
7 Keeping jewellery, cash in House
8 Boarders are not allowed to keep motorcycles, cycles, cars or any other M.T. vehicle at the School Campus
9 Boarders are not allowed to drive motorcycles or other vehicles, borrowed or their own, at the School Campus or in the town
10 Day Pupils are not allowed to lend their motorcycles, cycles, cars or any other M.T. vehicle to the Boarders
11 Day Pupils are not allowed to offer lift to the Boarders at the School Campus or for going out of School Campus

D. Following action will be taken if any damage is done to the School property

Replacement of the damaged item by the offender or payment of its current market price by him.

E. Following misdemeanours/ deficiencies of Students will be punishable with expulsion from the School:

1 Repeated failure in House Examinations
2 Using unfair means in examination
3 Stealing
4 Involvement in immoral activities
5 Insolent behaviour towards any member of the staff or Officer of the School
6 Use of any intoxicant/ smoking
7 Keeping weapons/ fire-arms within the School Campus
8 Conduct unbecoming a Sadiqian inside/ outside the School Campus
9 Gambling
10 Wilfully avoiding any examination or test
11 Ten days continuous absence from School without leave
12 Repeated absence from P.T. classes or games
13 Disobedience of orders/ instructions issued by a Member of the Teaching Staff/ Officer
14 Indulging in political, parochial or sectarian activities
15 Failure to clear School fees/ dues within 10' days after reopening of School
16 Breaking out of a House and leaving School Campus without the permission of the Housemaster
17 Entering swimming pool unless there is a member of the staff on duty
18 Wilful damage to School Property

F Punishment for Appointment Holders:

An Appointment Holder will be treated as other. Students regarding general discipline and conduct.
He will be relieved of his appointment for any of the following deviations: .
1 Misuse of authority
2 Inefficiency
3 Negligence of duties
4 Poor academic performance 5 Misconduct


A They will be paid monthly pocket money at the prescribed rate which will be charged to their accounts.
B They will be exempted from supervised Prep and will be provided desks and chairs in their rooms for study.
C Boarders will be required to attend P. T. and Drill regularly.



1 To maintain discipline among Students at all places and at all times but specially at school functions, Debates, Cinema Shows, Bazm-e-Adab, Plays , Dramas and Sports Activities of the School.
2 To see that the Students return promptly to their respective classes after Morning Assembly and after each interval.
3 To ensure that Students attend Morning P. T., and Drill, if necessary.
4 To see that the Students observe the School Rules and Regulations.
5 To carry out such other duties as may be entrusted to them by their Housemasters.
6 To remain in close touch with their Housemasters and seek their guidance in all House matters.


1 They can exercise control over all Students at all times and at all places within and out of the Campus
2 They can punish defaulters by putting them on hard drill which may include front roll, frog leap, bending down, running at the double for a few minutes, etc No prefect has the power to hit or cane another Student or to use abusive language. In case of a serious offence/ observation he should report the matter to the appropriate higher authority for suitable disciplinary action



1 Leave for absence must be applied for and obtained in advance before proceeding on leave except in case of illness.
2 In case of illness application for leave along with medical certificate will be submitted as soon as possible.
3 The name of a Student will be removed from the rolls of the School if he remains absent without leave for ten or more days.


1 No boarder shall leave the School Campus without the permission/ information of his Housemaster. Leave certificate will be prepared in triplicate. One copy will be kept by the House, second copy will be deposited at the gate and the third copy will be carried by the students, which will be deposited at the gate while coming back to the school.
2 Leave for two days plus travelling time will be granted by Vice Principal/ Headmaster/ House master for the marriage of real brother, sister of self or either parent.
3 Leave of any nature will not be granted on week days without the approval of the Principal.
4 Leave may normally be given by-the House master in accordance with the following rules:
I. Overnight leave to boarders, on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of month, or if there are two or more consecutive holidays, may be granted only if they are collected y their parents/guardians or authorized relatives/servants .
II. Down Town leave to C1/ S1 and above boarders on every 1st and 3`d Sunday or on holidays. Students will be dispatched and collected by School Transport
III. Abbas House and Mahmud House Prefects will go with the Buses to oversee the discipline of the Students in the city They will be responsible for boarder's turn-cut in the city.
IV. Prefects do not have the authority to give leave to boarders to go out of School Campus.
V All Boarders going on any type of leave are strictly advised to go/come by school Transport. All those who miss the school Transport will be fined and strict action will be taken against them and they must reach back the School at their own. One bus each will be stationed at Farid Gate and Saraiki Chowk. These buses will leave for the school half an hour before the Maghrib prayers. All students must be back in the School before Maghrib prayers.
5 School Uniform shall be worn by all boarders who go on leave
6 Any special leave can only be granted by the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmaster.
7 Leave on extreme compassionate grounds will be granted on the request of parents/guardians. The request will be in writing or on telephone


1 Students will enter and leave the Dining Hall in silence and in an orderly manner.
2 No one will start eating until "Bismillah" has been said and leave his seat at the end of the meal until "Alhamdulillah" has been pronounced.
3 There must not be any wastage of food
4 Dining Hall is out of bounds except at meal times.


1 During School time Students must have a chit signed by Vice Principal/ Headmaster to attend the School Hospital
2 At all other times Students must have a chit signed by the Housemaster/ House Superintendent/ House matron to attend the Hospital.
3 Genuine emergencies will be attended to by the Hospital at any time without a chit.


1 The swimming pool is out of bounds for all students except at prescribed times and then only if supervised by a teacher/ qualified coach.
2 Tuck shops are out of bounds except at prescribed times.


If any Student is found giving/ obtaining or having given/ obtained unfair assistance whether by copying or any other way in an examination, or if he is found in possession of any note, text of any kind which may be of any help in the examination:
A Besides any other punishment he will be awarded zero in that paper.
B He may be expelled from the School if the previous record of his behaviour has not been satisfactory.


Attendance is recorded daily and children who are absent without a valid reason are liable to a line at the rate of Rs.30/- per day, which is debited to their account at the end of each month. Special emphasis is laid on the importance of returning to school punctually on the first day of each Term. Absence on account of illness must be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Names of the students absent without leave for ten consecutive days will be struck off on the school rolls. Fresh admission fee will be charged in case they are allowed to rejoin and their readmission will depend upon the discretion of the Principal.

Parents or guardians who wish to obtain special leave during the Term should apply in writing to the Headmaster through the respective Housemaster several days before the leave is required. Every effort is made to discourage special leave during a Term and it will not be given except in case of serious illness, death in the immediate family or the marriage of a real brother or sister. Leave for marriages will be granted only for such period as will allow the boy to spend a maximum of two days at the place of marriage. Parents and relatives will be allowed to take the boarders out on the last Friday of a month. No boarder is allowed to leave the School without permission of the Housemaster. Applications for all sorts of leaves including casual leaves are to be handed over to the respective Housemaster by the parent/guardian/runner. No application will be accepted from a boy or any other minor.


Parents/ Guardians and relatives of boys residing in the Boarding Houses will normally be permitted to visit them only on Fridays between 8.00 am and 6.00 p.m. Parents are not allowed to meet a boy during school working days. Names of relatives and friends of parents who are authorized to see the boys, must be intimated to, the Principal with their full addresses. If a relative of friend whose name has not been given beforehand wishes to see the boy, it is necessary that he should brings a letter of authority from the parents for this purpose.


Travelling arrangements are essentially the responsibility of the parents. The boys are required to School promptly at the end of vacations. Similarly, they are required to proceed to their homes for vacation or leave specially obtained for which the report to the parents are required to make all arrangements


Normally no boarder is allowed to stay in boarding house during vacation. However, certain students who have to take their Board Examinations might have to stay back, for which an additional charge of Rs.100/- per head per day is made.