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SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL, BAHAWALPUR, PAKISTAN is one of Pakistan's leading public schools, internationally recognized for it’s commitment towards a wholesome education.
We are one of the largest and most diverse employers in the region, with over 560 staff working in a range of academic, technical, manual and clerical roles.

Our staff enjoys competitive salaries, benefits and development opportunities, while our 190 acres (150 acres Boys Section & 40 acres Girls Section) campus provides a unique, inspiring environment in which to work.

Find out why you should join us and take a look at our current vacancies.

Why join us

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL is one of the largest and most diverse employers in Pakistan.  Our staff have come from across the region, the country and the world to work with us, not only because of our outstanding academic reputation, but because we have a culture where people have equal access to opportunities; challenge is valued and work is balanced with home and family life.

We offer excellent personal and professional development, and provide the support you need to progress and enjoy new opportunities.

We offer our staff a wide range of support to enhance their expertise and encourage innovative teaching methods and technologies; we are investing heavily in our online and physical learning environments.

Our staff has a strong vision for the future of the SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL; if you'd like to be a part of it, take a look at our current vacancies.

Working with us you'll also be entitled to a range of fantastic benefits, like free accommodation, children education, medical facilities, SPS allowance, etc.  We offer competitive pay and generous leave entitlement.  Not many employers can offer opportunities like ours, together with a vibrant culture in beautiful surroundings.

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL campus is set in 190 acres and is a unique and inspiring working environment.  There are many great attractions to enjoy on campus.

Benefits and rewards

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL is proud to offer a range of benefits for staff.

Campus facilities

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL campus is set in 190 acres, and with shops, post office, sports facilities, canteen, general store, tailoring shops, shoes shop, barber saloon and more, has all the facilities of a busy town.  Lawns, mature trees and walkways contribute to the peaceful atmosphere and make the campus a wonderful spot for picnics and walking.

There are many attractions to enjoy on campus. 

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL has excellent travel links and is easy to access by air, car or public transport. 

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL offers discounts on hiring transport facility.

Health and well being

If you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to medical facilities from our own hospital where 24 hours service is available.

As a member of staff you can also enjoy our subsidized sports facilities on campus, including a pool, sports pitches, gym and much more.

Generous leave entitlement

Full-time support and administrative staff are entitled to 35 days off a year.

There is specific casual holiday allowance set for academic teaching staff up to 10 days, though any holiday taken is usually expected to be outside the term time.  Academic teaching staff is also entitled to other closed days. We also offer maternity leave to female staff.

Contributory Provident Fund scheme

The SADIQ PUBLIC SCHOOL operates Contributory Provident Fund scheme available to new staff.

Training and development

If you join us, you can benefit from a number of personal and professional development courses and IT courses. We also have a mentoring and coaching scheme, offer special training for staff involved in teaching students.