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Syllabus for admission test 2019

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To get a school prospectus along with the admission form send us a bank draft of Rs. 600/- in the name of Principal, Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur.

  1. No boy is allowed to sit for any public examination or the School annual examination unless his account has been settled in full by the date on which the examination begins.
  2. Fee will be due up to the end of the term in which a public examination takes place.
  3. For accounting purposes the terms are reckoned as:
    • 1st Term May-Aug
    • 2nd Term Sep-Dec
    • 3rd Term Jan-April
    When a boy joins in the course of a Term, he will be charged full fee and other charges for the Term, after which the regular fees for the rest of the year will become due. When admission takes place in April, full fee for that month will be payable in addition to the second Term Fee.
  4. Boarders/ Day Pupils enrolled during the Term September-December will be charges fees only as Day Pupils for the Term May-August and full fee and other charges as Boarders / Day Pupils for the Term September-December and thereafter.
    All fees are payable in advance and no boy will be allowed to rejoin school or a new term if his fees are outstanding.
  5. In case of prolonged absence due to illness supported by a medical certificate, the Principal may at his discretion accept a nominal payment of Rs. 200/- per month for a Boarder and Rs. 100/- per month for Day Pupil for retaining the child’s name on the rolls.
    All correspondence regarding fees and accounts should be addressed to the Accounts Officer.
  6. The School reserves the right to revise any or all the fees and other charges at any time without notice.
  7. Fee shall be paid in cash or bank draft. Cheques are not accepted.
  8. In case of Intermediate students the academic year starts from 1st May and ends on 30th April of the following year. They are required to pay fees prescribed.

Admission Form Admission Criteria