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All the year round in all classes subject to the availability of seats students are admitted so that they may benefit adequately by quality education at Sadiq Public School, whenever they decides. All those boys who fulfil the School requirements like admission tests and interviews are selected.

FEE and ADMISSION FORM are available in form download section, which should be printed and carefully filled in, giving correct information. Three passport size photographs and a photocopy of birth certificate must be attached. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Admissions are open to all boys with the following reservations:

  1. Each section has a maximum of 30 boys
  2. Boys/Girls must be of good conduct and behaviour and will be accepted on the understanding that the first Term will be probationary one and that they will be required to leave the School any time, if the Principal is of the opinion that their attitude, progress or conduct is unsatisfactory.
  3. Boys/Girls coming from other schools are required to take an admission test in English, Urdu and Mathematics and obtain at least 50% marks.
  4. Transfer Certificate from the School last attended must be submitted at the time of Admission.
  5. No boy/ girl suffering from any contagious or communicable disease will be admitted unless he is certified medically fit by the School Resident Medical Officer.
  6. Candidates selected for admission are required to join within a period of ten days.
  7. Federal Government nominees will be admitted as per laid down quotas and conditions.
  8. All other things being equal, priority for admissions shall be given as under:-
  • Boarders
  • Children/brothers of bonafide Sadiqians
  • Children of overseas Pakistanis
  • General

The number of children in each class and in each House is strictly limited. Parents are advised to get the names of their children registered well in advance by depositing a non-refundable fee of Rs. 500/-. On receipt of the application form, complete in all respects, accompanied by the Registration Fee, a boy/girl name will be placed on the waiting list and vacancy will be offered as and when it becomes available.

Admission Policy

Admission will be offered purely on merit; academics plus interview of the candidate along with parents/guardian, subject to medical clearance by the school SMO against the seats available.

  1. The number of students in each Class / Boarding House is restricted to the prescribed limit.
  2. Subject to availability of seats, the admission to various classes shell be made on the basis of the following criteria:

(a) K0 Asswssment and Interview

(b) K1 to S2/C2: On the basis of School admission test based on the general syllabus of class last attended, in the subjects listed below. (the minimum pass marks would be 50% in each subject).

K1-P7               Eng, Urdu, Maths
C1/S1/S2         Eng, Urdu, Maths, Gen. Sc.
C2                     Eng, Urdu, Maths, Phy, Chem, Bio / Comp. St

(c) Intermediate (I1): on the basis of Matric / O-Level results with minimum requirement as under:

Group Matric O-Level
  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Engineering


   65% (8 Subjects Pass)
  • General Science
  1. Phy, Maths, Computer Sc.


   60% (8 Subjects Pass)
  1. Eco, Stat, Computer Sc.
  1. Maths*,Stat,Computer Sc.
*(at least 60% marks in Maths)


   50% (8 Subjects Pass)

(d) Classes A-Level (H1): on the basis of O-Level results with minimum requirement as under:

     Eight subjects including English with minimum 3 As and 'C' Grade in the subjects opted or 70% for Pre-Med/Pre-Eng as per IBCC equivalence policy and 60% aggregate for Commerce Group.

(3) No student will be admitted in final / outgoing classes i.e. S3, C3,I2, & H2. However, the cases of outstanding students may be considered on case-to-case basis.

(4) Federal Government nominees will be admitted as per laid down quotas and conditions.

(5) No student suffering from any contagious or communicable disease will be admitted unless declared medically fit by the School Senior Medical Officer.

Promotion sePolicy

1. K0 to S1 & C-2 Sections
(a) Minimum pass marks 50% in all subjects for all classes.
(b) The student who fails in any two subjects, except English, would be promoted if his marks in those subjects are not below 35%. if a student fails in English, minimum 40% marks would be required  for promotion. This concession will not be applicable if a student fails in more than two subjects.

2. H 1
The entry of the student failing in any subject out of three compulsory may be withheld.

3. Pre-Board S2/S3
The entry of the student failing in any two subjects may be withheld unless he/she secures minimum 40% in each of those subjects.

4. Send-up
(a) For C3, the entry of a student who does not pass in at least eight subjects, including English, shall not be sent as a regular candidate.
(b) For H2, the entry of a student, who does not pass in at least three major subjects, shall only be sent for those subjects in which he clears in the send-up examination.
(c) In case I1 and I2 the admission, to Board, of the candidate, failing in any subject shall be withheld. However, the admission would be sent as a regular student provided he fails in one subject and the marks in that subject are not below 40%. This concession will not be applicable if a student fails in more than one subject.

Remedial / Extra coaching policy

1. Extra coaching for Borders getting less than 40% marks shall be compulsory.
2. Other students may get extra coaching by filling in the forms.
3. Class sizes are to be limited to 8 - 10 students.
4. Classes shell be five days, Monday - Friday, of 40 minutes duration/period.