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w.e.f. ACADEMIC SESSION 2016-17 & onward
    Following Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of results of KG, Prep, Matric, Matriculation, O Level, I1 (1st Year) and and AS Level Annual/ Board/University/ Examinations:
    1. a. Annual Domestic Promotion Examination Result:
      Students securing 1st/2nd position (Minimum 75% Marks) in Annual Examintion in Classes K0 to S1/C2 may be awarded scholorship on the basis of TERMINAL RESULTS for one academic year as per the following criterion:
          1st Position
      2nd Position
      50% of Tuition Fee
      25% of Tuition Fee
      For Classes K0 to K5 scholorship will be awarded keeping in view the Overall Merit among the boys and girls.
      • For P6 and above seprate scholorshipwill be awarded to boys & girls.
      • Students receiveing any other concession will also be awarded these scholorship proportionaly.
    2. b. Matriculation Result:
      1. Full free-ship for two years to persue Intermediate cources at SADIQ for Boys/Girls who obtain overall first three positions in Matric in annual Examination from the Punjab & Federal Boards.
      2. Following fee concession will be admissible for securing:
        90 % & above   80 % Tuition Fee off
        80 % to less than 90%   50 % Tuition Fee off
    3. Intermediate 1st Year Result:


        90% & above 80 % Tuition Fee off
        80% to less than 90%   50 % Tuition Fee off
    4. d. O Level Result:


      100% Tuition Fee off for two years to pursue A Level courses at SADIQ for Boys/Girls who secure a world/Pakistan level distinction in subject(s) and have 8A*s.


      Following fee concession will be admissible for securing: 

        8 & above A*s (incl.As) 80 % Tuition Fee off
        6 & 7A*s (incl.As)   50 % Tuition Fee off
        5 A*s (incl.As)   20% Tution Fee off
    5. e. AS Level Result:


        3as & above   50 % Tuition Fee off


      ·  A* ’s & As or distinction only in the following subjects will be considered:

      Eng, Urdu, Pak.St, Islamiyat, Maths, Phy, Chem, Bio, Comp, Add.Math, Stat, Eco, B.St, Acc, EM, Food & Nutrition, Art & Design.

      ·  Scholarships once offered at the time of admission will not be revised even if the student improves his / her grade(s) in later attempt(s)

      ·  If an O Level student seeks admission in F.Sc. or switches over to F.Sc. after getting admission in A Level: his / her scholarship will be determined / adjusted on the basis of equivalence certificate by IBCC.

      If a student is availing Scholorship on the basis of matric or O Level, his/her Scholorship may be revised for the next academic year if he/she improves grades / percentage in As/I1Board / University Examinations.

      Student can avail ONLY ONE scholorship at one time during his /her studies at Sadiq. External scholorship holder will not be entitled to receive any other scholorship or fee concession.


      The scholarship will be WITHDRAWN by the School in case of any of the following deficiencies:

        a. If a student fails to be regular in attendance (minimum 75%)  
        b. If a student fails to secure a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate in 1st Year Board Exam.  
        c. if a student of H1, availing scholorship, fails to secure 2 as and 1b in AS Cambridge University Exam.  
        d. If a student misses any Monthly/Term test without bonafide leave.  
        e. If a student is found guilty of any act of misbehaviour, indiscipline, misconduct as laid down in the SCHOOL PROSPECTUS/DIRECTORY.   
    Following concessions will be admissible for three or more siblings studying at SADIQ simultaneously.

    i.          For 3rd sibling                 10% Tuition Fee off
    ii.         For 4th sibling                 20% Tuition Fee off
    iii.        For 5th and onward        30% Tuition Fee off