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Sadiq Public School athletics are open to all boarders and day pupils. The dedicated, experienced, coaching staff teaches young athletes the importance of teamwork, respect for the games and how to develop their athletic abilities on and off the playing field.

Sadiq Public School is a premier residential institution of Pakistan imparting quality education to boys and girls of class K-G to ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels and FSc. In January this year it completed 50 years of rich achievements and glorious traditions.

The routine at “SADIQ” is no different to the routine being followed in any leading Cadet College. Great emphasis is laid on discipline. Activities such as PT, Drill, Games, Assault Course, Cross Country, Swimming and Riding take place regularly. Young officers of Pakistan Army have established themselves as effective personal in enforcing with regularity the above activities. Besides they also look after the morning assembly and detention parades.

The SPS athletic program is respected state-wide for its competitiveness and the positive attitudes and good sportsmanship of its players and coaches. The Sadiqians have a long history of successes in all sporting venues evidenced by the many awards, acknowledgments and trophies displayed throughout our school and sporting facilities. Sports events at SPS comprises of

  •  Swimming
  •  Football
  •  Volley Ball
  •  Badminton
  •  Gymnastics
  •  Gymnasium
  •  Hockey
  •  Cricket
  •  Basket Ball
  •  Lawn Tennis
  •  Squash
  •  Horse Riding

The School is spread over 190 acres of land. The buildings are well-spaced out, allowing for spacious lawns and numerous shady, fruit and flowering trees, shrubs and flower beds. The boys are encouraged to take interest in their maintenance and to experience the pleasure which can be derived from flowers and trees.

The Junior and girls Sections have their own playing fields and lawns equipped with children's playing apparatus.

The Senior Section is provided with two large cricket-cum-athletic fields, several full size hockey and football grounds, two basketball courts, two squash courts, six lawn tennis courts and a gymnasium.


Basic military training is compulsory for all boys in C1 / S1 and above, provided they are physically fit. Drill/Training is held regularly and instructions are given by qualified drill instructors.

Military wing at “SADIQ” started with the inception of the school in 1954 with 1 x serving Captain as Adjutant and 3 x Non Commissioned Officers.


Presently the military wing is headed by the Adjutant, assisted by some school employees who previously had served in the armed forces. They cater for the following:

DISCIPLINE: Adjutant is the custodian of discipline and responsible for all disciplinary matters pertaining to students and employees of the school. In maintaining discipline he is assisted by the staff of military wing.

MORNING PT GYMNASTIC & DRILL: Military wing is responsible for the smooth organizing of morning PT, Gymnastics and drill. They have to ensure proper physical standards and up right postures of the students.



SPORTS / GAMES: On daily basis games / sports period is organized by military wing. They have to prepare the House and college teams for the competitions.

RIDING: Adjutant is the OIC of the Riding Club assisted by two retired trained staff of President’s Body Guard unit. The students are trained in riding techniques and attain perfection in tent pegging, show jumping, bottle race and tug of war. Our riding team annually

The School maintains over 30 horses of various sizes suitable for boys / girls of all ages. Riding is optional and students who are interested to join Riding Club are charged Rs. 300/-(once) as registration fee and Rs 560/- per month per head as riding fee.



SQUADRON: Training the boys for the armed forces is one of the main feature of this institution. For this purpose we have established a squadron in the school. Adjutant is the overall Incharge of this department. Following are the compulsory aspects of our squadron.

  • Regular classes are conducted by the adjutant regarding
    • Preliminary tests
    • ISSB preparation
    • Swimming
    • Riding
    • Assault Course
    • Cross country
  • Visit to Army, Navy and Air Force academies and installations
  • Lectures by the guest speakers


Two Swimming Pools, with filtration plant, one for the Junior and the other for the Seniors, are available. They are fully equipped with diving and spring boards. In summers swimming is compulsory for all boarders.