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Boarding & Messing (BOYS & GIRLS)


Although 60% of children who attend SPS return home to their parents each day, other 40% are boarding pupils and they reside in one of the houses situated on the campus which are staffed by teachers from the school. All houses are comfortable, well furnished and equipped with modern facilities.
Boarding at SPS provides more than hostel-style accommodation and activities: the boarders learn how to live, to work and to play in a community environment, sharing experiences with people of their own age who originate from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. No boarding school can replace the home but the aim is to foster a lively, happy community which operates from a stable base where the feeling of belonging to a large family is important.

Belonging to such a family carries certain responsibilities and obligations. Children joining one of the boarding houses are expected to become familiar with the routine of that house. Details of daily routine, pocket money, exits and travel arrangements are supplied to prospective boarders.

Boarding Facilities

There are five Boarding Houses accommodating 500 plus boys / girls. They are allotted various Houses between which a healthy sense of competition and emulation prevails. Each House is in the charge of a resident Housemaster / Housemistress assisted by Assistant Housemaster / Housemistress and resident full-time House Superintendent / Housematron. Separate Housemasters / Housemistresses are in charge of Day Pupils who form Houses of their own.

As far as possible the boarders are housed together with other boys of the same age groups in bedrooms designed for them.

Given the varied requirements of the different age groups, the modern facilities within the houses vary slightly but inside each is found provision for study, a common room, a music room, computer rooms, a library, a TV room and a kitchen/ tuck-shop in addition to the bedrooms and the office.

Boarders also have access to other facilities which are supervised for their use outside school hours: the main School library, a swimming pool, tennis courts, the sports hall, a fitness centre and Riding Club. House activities are organized and boarders are expected to involve themselves in the boarding house events as well as in the College activities and social service programme.

Alamgir House
Abbas House
Mehmood House
Kamal Pasha House
Girls Hostel


A choice of local food is provided each day and for those who like variety, a salad or packed fruit is available at lunch time. One of the alternatives is always a vegetarian meal. A catering supervisor appointed by the school ensures that varying, balanced menus are provided. Boarding students have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The houses organize their own supper drinks or snacks.

Kitchen and Dining Rooms are attached to each House and the students dine under the supervision of the Housemasters / housemistresses, or Housematrons / Superintendents. In addition to the regular three meals, all children are provided afternoon refreshments and juniors are given bedtime milk. The diet includes milk and fruit, and the menu caters for sufficient quantity of each variety of food necessary for good health and sound growth. On medical advice or on personal request special diet is supplied to individual children at extra cost.

Junior Student in Dining Hall
Senior Student in Dining Hall